At Dover, we believe that green business is good business.

            Dover companies are committed to creating economic value for shareholders and customers through sustainable practices that protect the long term well-being of the environment. From greenhouse gas and waste reductions, to increased energy efficiency, Dover is striving to meet the global environmental needs of today and tomorrow.

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            Progress Against Goals

            Our "20-20-20" goal:
            A 20% reduction in energy intensity and greenhouse gas intensity from 2010 to 2020.

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            SustainAbility in Action – Case Studies

            case study manufacturing


            PSG demonstrates that utilizing vane pump technology can increase the energy efficiency of manufacturing facilities.

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            Retail Refrigeration

            Retail refrigeration

            Learn how Hillphoenix was able to create a dramatic reduction in carbon emissions for grocery retailers.

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            Our Companies

            Every day, Dover operating companies are hard at work creating products that help to make a positive difference for the environment while providing value to shareholders and customers.

            Click on a logo below to learn more about the many solutions being offered by Dover operating companies around the world.

            • Blackmer
            • Destaco
            • hillphoenix
            • Hydro systems
            • K& L Microwave
            • Marathon
            • Markem-imaje
            • OPW
            • Rotary
            • Unified brands
            • Wilden

            Dover career opportunities

            Carbon Disclosure Report

            Since 2015, Dover has maintained a B on the performance scoring range.
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            Awards & Recognition

            Heil Receives EPIC Award from Jacksonville State University

            Hillphoenix receives Environmental Achievement Award from US EPA

            Energy Efficiency Captains Speak out

            “For the cold Northeast Winters of the United States, at Markem-Imaje in New Hampshire we converted the heating system for the factory to new dual fuel system including natural gas boilers. This provides a more efficient heating system, consumes less energy, generates less carbon and gas emissions, offers a solid ROI and provides for business continuity of a dual fuel solution should fuel delivery be an issue.”

            Global Environment Manager
            Markem-Imaje Corporation

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